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Directory Power Submitter + 9,000 Directory with PR List (Auto Submitter)

A SEO Tool Designed To Help Your Website Jump Up The Search Engine Rankings!

The software I am selling named “Power Directory Submitter” can submit your websites semi or fully automatically to phpLD directories which are the most popular web directory platform on the net.

Just enter your website info – (Titles, Descriptions, Link, Email) click button and program will automatically do the submissions for your. Forget about semi-automated submitters which does fill only 5 steps of 10 for you and waste your time and makes you annoyed. Don’t bother yourself spending a lot of time and effort promoting your website the hard way.

Time is valuable – you will have more times to spend on more projects. Decide yourself if 1 – 2 projects per day
compared to 5 – 8 projects per day will make a difference. Automation is very important – more money can
be made per day working the same amount of time.

With DPS (Directory Power Submitter) you will be able to customize the directory list, add or remove directories from the list.

I have put a lot of effort in this tool so this program does not screw up the submissions process in one way or
another – With multiple and accurate category submissions this program will always select related category for your website.

This program allows you to rotate titles, keywords and description for your website so the submissions will look as unique as possible. Program will automatically and intelligently track successful submissions.

You can define new sites right in the software and it will be add it to your Link Directory Database. There are easy ways to find new targets. Just search the term “powered by phpld” on the google. You will see that there are almost 1 million results.

Some of the Features of DPS:

Supports phpLD directories which are most popular directory script on the Internet.
Can be fully automated with decaptcher service.
Preloaded with 4000 + directories
Have a very short learning cycle
Title rotation
Multiple category support
Many of the DPS testers and customers have been using this program for 2 – 3 months with great success. I have taken two brand new websites to PR of 4 in a half of a month myself. I am sure your will have a good results yourself. This will be easy for you – simply use the software to submit your website to directories.
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